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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I spent the weekend doing my first ever online crop. It was fun - challenges, games and fast scraps. It was on the A Cherry on Top site. I got 5 layouts, 3 cards and an altered clip done!! I am going to post a couple now and a couple more on Friday for the Unity "Friends with Flair" hop!! Hopefully I am on a roll now and can continue to scrapbook more often. I have no idea why the pictures look so grainy!! If you click on them the show up great but I could enlarge them at all!



Debbi said...

Love the layouts. I've never done an online crop, how does that work?
I've got hi-speed at home now, so I'd like to get involved in some of this.

Rona said...

At A Cherry On Top it was real easy, you do have to sign in (or set up an account) but then you can get a schedule of when each challenge, fast scrap or game is and go online during those times. There was also tons of little fast pased games that were going on the entire time on the message board - which were fun and I did participate in a few of those although not many. We had until Monday at midnight to complete the challenges and upload them to the gallery. The winners are chosen by random. I did not win anything but was thrilled to have gotten that much done!! I did VSN at splitcoast stampers a few weeks ago and in that one you make cards and the time limit for each challene is 45 minutes (a challenge for indecisive me!!)but you don't have to have your cards uploaded in that amount of time and that was really fun too!! I did win the honor of "top chef" (based on a theme) for one of my cards during that event. Anything to keep me motivated is GREAT.